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  •    ISO lead auditor training
  •    ISO internal auditor training
  •    Implementation training
  •    Awareness training
  • Soft Skill Training Courses

  •    Time Mastery
  •    Business Communication
  •    Communication skills and improving Platform Speaking & Presentation Skills
  •    Listening Skills
  •    Total Quality Management
  •    Relaxation
  •    Relationship Mastery or Interpersonal Skills
  •    Conflict Management
  •    Anger Management
  •    Confidence Building and building self esteem
  •    Leadership Skills for this Century
  •    Memory and Mind Management
  •    Using both sides of the Brain
  •    Assertiveness Training
  •    Injecting Enthusiasm in work place and self
  •    Character building, values, ethics and vision
  •    Sales, closing & Negotiation skills workshop
  •    Customer support programs
  •    Problem solving and Decision Making
  •    Managerial effectiveness
  •    Change Management
  •    Creativity and Innovation
  •    Team Building Skills
  •    Human & Business Capital Development
  •    Work Life Balance
  •    Cultural Orientation
  •    Induction Programs and more
  •    Sales Training Conflict Resolution
  •    Change Management
  •    Time Management
  •    Telephonic Etiquette
  •    Email Etiquette
  •    Presentation Skills
  •    Consulting Skills
  •    Customer Service And Customer Satisfaction
  •    Personality Development Yoga And Meditation
  •    Creative Thinking SWOT Analysis Of Performance
  •    Public Speaking Training On Conflict Management
  •    Train The Trainer
  • Technical Training Courses

  •    Lean Management
  •    Change Management
  •    Six Sigma
  •    7 Qc Tools
  •    Carbon Foot Print
  •    Just In Time Techniques
  •    Process Controls (Spc And Sqc Study)
  •    Rejection Analysis Corrective Action And Preventive Action



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